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Welcome to the "Express Window". I make acoustic folk tunes, and I make them a lot. A LOT. By subscribing to my "Express Window" service, you will receive EVERYTHING I've released and will release throughout the year before (EP's, Singles, LP's) as well as special music not released to the general public.

Upon subscription, you will receive all three of my LP's in digital format INCLUDING my most recent album "Wicker Forest" as well as every little EP I've ever made.

On top of this you will have access to exclusive videos showing behind the scenes as well as live renditions of my own music/cover songs.

By subscribing, you are not only getting wicked things, but are helping support me in making more art and bringing more things to you, so thank you, sincerely.

~Jonathan Atkins

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Jonathan Atkins
Mississauga, Ontario
"A singer-songwriter with a devastating ear for harmonies and a delicate touch with lyrics that slide perfectly into a horrid winter. There's a definite Celtic touch, but far sweeter than something like Mumford & Sons." - Andrew Fifield (Metro News)

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